93% of US adults own a mobile phone and Around 60% of US adults text with mobile phones, 79% of smartphone owners reach for their devices within minutes of waking. (Source Internet Retailer)

Why Go Mobile?

Your mobile device is with you at all times. It’s part of your life, and it’s part of your customers’ lives too. With an effective mobile strategy, you can:

  • Connect with your audience constantly
  • Receive instant feedback and interactions
  • Improve your search engine optimization
  • Increase leads and gain closer connections
  • Expand your reach
  • Increase sales and reduce bounces

Before you embark on any new campaign, consider mobile. It will help you streamline your message and bring your best content forward. Want more ideas? Give us a call.


Mobile strategy is nothing without effective execution. We can help you translate a strong mobile strategy into a functional spec and hire and manage the resources to make your vision become a reality. We're with you every step of the way:

  • Discovery
  • Business requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • Scope and expectations defined
  • Working within defined budgets
  • Features list and process mapping
  • Priority reviews and defining key milestones
  • Mock-up or prototype development
  • Design and functional approval process management
  • Database design and architectural development
  • Milestone delivery and approvals
  • Implementation and testing
  • Client review
  • Client training
  • Ongoing support and enhancement

The Mobile Only Internet population will grow from 35 million to 788 million by 2015. (Source Kontagent & Econsultancy)

January 2013 which found that only 57% of the top 100 brands now have a mobile-optimised site. While this was a marked improvement on an equivalent figure of 37% in mid-2012, this still represents a significant number of major businesses failing their customers and shareholders. (Source Kontagent & Econsultancy)

We work to ensure that every mobile initiative adds value, and is highly functional and useful to your audience.

Human behavior is just as important as design. That’s why we test every project with real people before finalizing functionality.