Mobile commerce sales for 18 retailer clients of m-commerce technology provider Branding Brand jumped 74.4% from $8.2 million in April 2012 to $14.3 million in April 2013. (Source Internet Retailer)

Mobile Strategy

The fact that you should be leveraging mobile technology is a given. Without it, you get left behind. But which technology is right for your business?

For example, for some businesses, a mobile app makes a perfect brand companion, enhancing your brand experience and improving relationships. But for others, it’s a big expense and a waste of time. At the same time, we know that mobile ads perform about 5X better than traditional online ads.

That’s why you need a cross-platform mobile strategy.

Here are a few of the tactics and features that our clients have used:

  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile stores (e-commerce)
  • Responsive design/mobile-friendly sites
  • Mobile marketing
  • Mobile advertising
  • Location based shopping coupons on mobile devices
  • Mobile coupons
  • Social mobile apps
  • Gaming apps
  • iOS, Android, Windows platform development
  • Mobile content strategy
  • Mobile sales funnel analysis

Most CEO's and C-level Management either don't understand the need for Mobile or don't want to spend budget on Mobile in 2013. (Source Kontagent & Econsultancy)

Google is mandating a Mobile Strategy, by either implementing a responsive design strategy or an adaptive approach. (Source Kontagent & Econsultancy)

Where are you now? Where are you going?

How does you brand look across channels? Are your mobile efforts paying off? Contact us today to springboard your mobile strategy and give your customers what they need (and where they need it).