You need to
mobilize today.

Mobile Internet usage will grow 50x in the next 3 years.
70% of email is opened on a smartphone.
85% of TV viewers use a mobile device while watching.

Help your mobile initiatives thrive.

Mobile device usage is booming. People check their social apps before getting out of bed in the morning. They check their email while waiting for an oil change. They’re comparing prices online while standing in the store.

Are you taking advantage?

25% of the mobile mainstream report having a "well-defined mobile strategy," while roughly half has some strategic pieces in place. (Source Kontagent & Econsultancy)

Mobile usage is outspacing any historical adoption trend. (Source Kontagent & Econsultancy)

Mobile first companies are focused on revenue. Their top two goals are (1) acquiring new customers and (2) building new revenue streams. (Source Kontagent & Econsultancy)

Mobile commerce is expected to account for 24% of total ecommerce sales by 2015. (Source Get Elastic)

Tablets expected to drive $24B in ecommerce sales in 2013, $34B in 2014, $61B by 2016. (Source Get Elastic)

73% prefer mobile shopping for timesaving, 69% for deals + convenience, 63% for multitasking. (Source Get Elastic)

Who are the Mobile Strategists?

Edwin Lap Mobile Strategist

Edwin Lap is armed with a decade of strong web development and sales experience, ready to help pave the way to an effective, thriving mobile strategy -- from mobile e-commerce to social mobile apps and beyond.

Jerry Gertes Mobile Strategist

Jerry Gertes has over 10 years of Digital Marketing expertise. He brings a wealth of know how to the table for any clients who’s objectives are to gain massive exposure and boost sales through web and mobile marketing channels.